Ask your MP to halt the introduction of Bereavement Support Payment

Children's Grief Awareness Week logoWe would be very grateful if you would email your MP to raise your concerns about changes to support for widowed parents, coming into force in April 2017.

To generate a personalised email to your own constituency MP, please enter your postcode in the box below. Feel free to add a paragraph somewhere early in the letter outlining your own reasons for being worried about the changes. This will make your letter stronger.

If you have already emailed your MP about this issue and are now writing to them again, you might want to refer to this in your letter.

Under the new system, 91% of families with children will be supported for a shorter period of time, with 75% being worse off in cash terms, many losing out on thousands of pounds. Working families with young children will be worst hit by the changes. The link between widowed parents' support and inflation is being broken, so the value of support will get less over time.

We're worried these changes will put additional stress on parents already struggling to support their grieving children. This is our last chance to raise concerns with them before the changes come into force. 

If you'd like more information, have a read of our briefing here. And please let us know if you get a reply from your MP.

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